Tired of seeing FULL signs as you pull up to your favorite parking garage? Tired of limited access lots? Turn to us!
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About Us

Plaza Parking Services was established November 1, 1995. Initially we operated One Sterling Plaza and an outdoor lot nearby. The primary business in our building was the Oakland Medical Center for Health America. In operating the parking for such a demanding group we learned how to offer high-end customer service at a very low cost. The medical industry had left our building in the late 90's and we took on a different challenge when our customer base switched from the fast-paced needs of medical employees and their patients to a less demanding research facility. With a smaller customer base we had another problem to contend with, lack of revenue. We had solved the problem by combining aggressive marketing techniques with excellent customer service. Our traffic began to increase and we had noticed a high volume of our customers were working in areas outside of what we once though was our target area. The efficiency of our company was more apparent, and our customer service became more developed and greatly appreciated by our new clientele.

We knew at that point we had something special to offer building owners. Our research in the industry showed that most of our competitors did not focus on the customer service aspect of the business. These companies had the benefit of prime location and had realized that their market remained stable regardless of their customer service. We didnít have this luxury with our primary location in North Oakland, about three blocks away from the mainstream parking facilities.

Plaza Parking Services, Inc. can see business differently because necessity forced us to evolve in an unconventional manner. We are different because we started in a location that depended on customer loyalty. Most of our clients are able to find parking elsewhere with minimal inconvenience; therefore we put forth the effort to maintain superior customer service. When we acquired a new customer we didnít just want to keep them, we needed to keep them.. Over time we developed a system of customer service that we are comfortably able to insert into any location we operate.

In the competitive real estate business a building owner needs every advantage to stay on top of the market. For that reason alone it is important for you to select a company that is both willing and capable of treating each location as though it were a showcase. At Plaza Parking Services, we know the importance of a strong positive image. Your company's image will be reflected by the parking operator you choose. We are, after all, the first people your customers see every day.

Plaza Parking Services, Inc.
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